Hi, lovers! Prom is near, so don`t panic. These are some simple and good plans to follow.
Ok, I will start with saying that I already have my prom so all my advice are from my personal experience. Hope you enjoy it!


Are the most important first obiectiv for any girls, because the first question that it come into your mind is "What I will wearing!?". Also, in my opinion once you have a nice outfit the hair and the makeup are almost not count, but what make you be a really queen of the party is your comportament (we will speak later about this)

1. Search for a dress model that you like

gif, dress, and fashion image dress, fashion, and luxury image prom season image prom dress image

2. Try some of the model which you choose and see if are look good on you

Ok, why not? It can happened that a certain model which you choose to make you fat or to skinny, is normal, don`t forget that dresses are made for supper models which are similar to perfection but also they are designed for them body. Don`t panic just switch with the other model.

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3: Don`t over dress

First of all thing about what are you going to do at your prom. Dance, right! So avoid wearing to tight dresses or that kind of wedding dress, also the mermaid one even if it look really good keep in mind that you need to have perfect body and also it is very uncomfortable.

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4. Perfect drees

So we talk about what you shouldn't wear at your prom but what about what is the perfect choose? Well, I'm not a radical person, so I think that every person is free to choose what it like to do, but if you want to be on the lights, here are some models.

a) The 2 in 1 dress
I can't find on We heart it what I mean but I can explain you.Step 1: choose a simple mini dress (advantages: Don't have to pay attention who's step on your dress or if you drag it on the floor, free to dance, shoes and legs view)

fashion, short dress, and graduation dress image dress, fashion, and white image dress, black, and clothes image beauty, homecoming dress, and short prom dress image

Step 2: make at sweatshop a long skirt, but not a usually one, a skirt that is similar to the bottom part of a long princess dress (advantage: Center of attention, amazing photos, the dress of your dream, dramatic apparition) which function as a towel, a one piese of material which blind with a pretty dress belt.

dress, black, and style image
This is the perfect model that I'm talking about. (up)
dress, fashion, and blue image ball, burgundy, and fashion image dress, prom dresses, and long prom dress image dress, wedding, and wedding dress image dress, fashion, and style image

Also I forgot to mention that you can choose the bottom in a different color with an amazing ombre. For example, your mini dress can be all blue, but your skirt can be a beautiful white one with a blue ombre.

dress, blue, and fashion image

b) The short in front and long in the back

Why you shouldn't combine both of them? Sorry, but the models that I find are actually weddings dress ( don't you ever wear a simple white dress at any party, in special if it is a long and glamourous one!!!!)

Image removed Image removed aesthetic, baby blue, and beauty image Image removed

c) Indie summer dress

Why? First of all proms are usually taking part in summer so this dress is the perfectly thematic one. Just imagine cute vintage breezy long with flowers dress. It can make you fell comfy and also is a unique look that will keep everyone's attention. But be carefully, if you choose this kind of dress it should be a height quality one, you really don't want to look like you just come from the beach in a 3 dolar dress.

beauty, long dress, and ladie image beauty, long dress, and Nude image sophie turner, sansa stark, and game of thrones image dress, wedding, and princess image dress, fashion, and beach image dress, fashion, and sexy image

d) Jumpsuit

My personal opinion is that you should have a dress at your prom, is your great moment and you want live it like a real queen bee, but also if your not a dress person and you don't fell comfortable in a dress beside having an unpleasant prom night you should choose a jumpsuit.
First of all, jumpsuits are unique, not many people choose to wear a jumpsuit at them prom night, so you can be sure that anyone will have the same outfit as you, you can rock it in a jumpsuit like anyone in a dress (be that drama queen how just arrive among the stupid princesses, the best version) and there are lots of models than you can choose, also, let me tell you a little secret, you can wear a lot of accessories and a moare glamourous hair and makeup.
Ok, so let's start!

Cape/ Dress drama queen jumpsuit

designer, dress, and gorgeous image aesthetic, fashion, and glamour image

Comfy girl boss v cleavage jumpsuit

fashion, style, and outfit image red, style, and outfit image bag, black, and chic image

Queen of the ring precious material jumpsuit

famous, glam, and makeup image com, mall, and www image

The angelic baddie short jumpsuit

embroidery, lacedress, and fallfashion image


Now (sorry I've been speaking a lot of dresses) we will speak about hair. They are a lots of modalities of making your hair so the first advice that I want to tell you is:

5. Make your hair 2 weeks before the prom

Ha ha ha! I'm not speaking about this kind of making your hair

Image by I N G R I D hair, hairstyle, and braid image hair, hairstyle, and wedding image dress, fashion, and flowers image beautiful, inspiration, and Prom image hair, flowers, and girl image

I speak about dyeing your hair or cutting it. Why? Is simple, if the result is a mess you have enough time to repair it and also even if it's good your hair need time to take the right position. Imagine how much drama it will be if your hair will be destroyed right on the prom day.

blue, style, and colorful image hair image hair, colors, and color image colorful, mermaid, and sereia image hair and hairstyle image girl, hair, and pink image colorful, eyes, and girl image hair, pink, and hairstyle image short hair image hair, grunge, and white image

6. Keep it simple
Make it look natural, don't exagerate with styling it, choose something classy, a natural bun, or sea weaves, messy hair, etc (you don't want to look tacky).

goals, prom goals, and hairstyle image hair, hairstyle, and wedding image hair, hairstyle, and flowers image fancy, hair, and fashion image
Little advice: Add some natural small flowers on your hair for special attention ;) ( I think that they call bride flowers but idk)
cabelo, hairs, and colorido image
This is actually one of my favorite pictures. I can't tell you if it's really for prom, but if you want to dye your hair in a unusually color now you have inspiration. OMG it look like a petroleum spot, so aesthetic.

7. Choose your hair in contrast with your dress

I mean if you have a glamourous long dress choose a classic small bun, but if you have a plain little short dress keep your eye on volume and daring hairs styles, girl!


8. Make-up 2 hours before your prom

It depends also the location where your prom is, so calculate this rule with a plus of hours, that mean the way that you travel.
In this case you should apply the same rule as in hair case, if your make-up result is terrible you should have enough time to undue and make-up your self at home.

makeup image makeup, eyes, and beauty image red, makeup, and aesthetic image makeup, eyes, and make up image
These are some no. Don't ask for a to bright make-up or one with strange colors, or to complicate, because the result will be not what you expected, and even if will be you will look like a disperate person.

9. Don't ask for purple and black eyeshadow or don't ask what you should wear, because the answer will be purple and black eyeshadow

First of all, go to the salon with something in mind and a picture able to explain what you want, also they are lots of cases when the results was not like in the picture, it happens to me one time, but fortunately it wasn't bad and I kind of like it. In addition, don't ask for something complicate, I repeat, do not ask for something complicate, it can result a mess.
So now, I will explain you why you shouldn't choose a black-purple eyeshadow. Reason 1: every one will have the same make-up as you Reason 2: you will look old and tacky Reason 3: Is out of style for a long time
Really, don't do this!

glitter, makeup, and grunge image makeup, beauty, and eyebrows image beautiful, girl, and happy image Image by scottmartisha_1

10. What should ask if you're going to a salon

Keep in mind that a profesional makeup is not really cheap and you can makeup your self at home very well, so if you choose to go at a salon you should ask for something complicate, but no so much, these are some example:

Cut crease:

makeup, cut crease, and all pink image extra, glitter, and eyebrows image eyebrows, eyeshadow, and goals image

Glitter, glitter, glitter:

makeup, beauty, and glitter image Image by J A Z Z Y eyebrow, perfect, and gold eyeliner image freckles, makeup, and red image

Eyes like lips:

makeup, make, and style image makeup, stars, and red image red, makeup, and aesthetic image eye, makeup, and red image

Metalic gold:

beautiful image aesthetic, white, and smokey image Image by ÑèëÑÄ

11: Make-up at home

First of all, if you can't do something please don't do it, you don't want to go at your prom with a disastrous make-up, so keep it simple.
If you can't make-up your self please don't try on prom night, make-up even if it look simple when you see tutorial on youtube is very complicated. You should know your good parts and how to accentuate them, for me these take 2 years, so if you have no experience it will be better to go to a salon.

lipstick, makeup, and sparkles image eyeshadow, NYX, and purple image

Natural eyeshadows:

makeup, beauty, and eyeshadow image makeup, eyeshadow, and beauty image makeup, eyeshadow, and summer image beautiful, blue, and boss image
If you mess this no one will notice, lol

Bold lips:

lips, red, and blonde image beauty, makeup, and nails image blogger, make up, and pony tail image beautiful, green eyes, and inspo image earrings, nose ring, and t-shirt image makeup, beauty, and rose image dark lips, brows, and bold lips image girl, makeup, and beauty image girl, makeup, and beauty image hair, red, and alternative image
You don't really have to know much about makeup, is just lipstick, every one know how to apply it, so buy a new liquid lipstick and try it!
If you don't really know how to apply lipstick or if you don't wear lipstick because you're afraid about having small lips.

Highlighter queen:

girl, beauty, and model image best friend, poppin, and slay image beauty, blush, and brunette image beauty, film, and hair image Image by Ahtziri Otz beauty, makeup, and women image Image by ♔♡ Ele_gorgeous ♡♔ girl, makeup, and beauty image
Choose natural highlighter (gold, silver, sweet pink) and choose them for your skin. How to choose a highlighter for your skin?

There are 3 types of highlighter: powder, creamy and liquid. I personally prefer the powder one, because I have an acneic skin and the other can make appear pimples