Hello Guys!
Today I'm going to show you cute spring outfits for school or any day you want!

Outfit I

Spring is not that warm where i live. It's actaully snowing rn :( Don't get me wrong I love Winter I just have enough of it...

If it's still not that warm where you live i'll give you examples:

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- Wear a cute knitted sweater
- if you want a white shirt under it
- Mom Jeans, Boyfriend jeans or tight high waisted jeans
- Sneakers like vans, nikes or adidas
- a watch or bracelets

Outfit II

Image by springkg fashion, outfit, and style image

- Any jeans you want
- A basic T-shirt
- Cardigan (it keeps you warm but not too warm if you know what i mean)
- Sneakers
- Any kind of Jewelry

Outfit III

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- Hoodie (i like oversized ones)
- any jeans
- sneakers
- maybe a cap or something if you want to look really cool ;)
- a watch

Thank you Guys for reading i hope you liked it :)
I might make a twitter account. idk why i just want to :D
I probably write it down in the next article i write.
Maybe we can create a groupchat or something :)
Much love A♥