Hi angel.

3 months passed, passed without you. 3/18/2018. Spring is around the corner, but it doesn't seem to get any warmer.
My mind is blank because I still don't know how to feel about this. I talk to you everyday, and I know you hear me. I'm trying to live best of my life, have fun and don't let bad thing get to me. In honor of you, I decided to be the most positive person around, but it's hard you know? Why did you have to be the cost of me realizing true meaning of life? I feel so bad. I wish you were here and having fun with your family & members, promoting your beautiful songs, going on tours and stuff. Your songs had amazing success. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful videos, and beautiful you! Everything about you is sooooo beautiful!
I can't lie, this winter I didn't fall down, I started looking things differently, I appreciated people more, realizing things. As I said, partly you were reason for that and I believe there is a reason for everything. Even that you had to go to the world above, I want to believe it's for your own good. The rest of us will figure it out, how to live without you. I know you're happy up there, and you're warm, with a lot of sunlight, you're singing your songs, although I don't know how the rest in heaven will react to you screaming ''my whisper is the lucifeeeeeeeeeeer'' ! LOL
As for me. I'm good baby. I know I have my angel guardian FOREVER!

I will always love you, I will always miss you, and I will NEVER forget you.