Hi guyss, i'm back, finally...
In this 2 weeks I have done soo much things about school, so homework, test and oral test like every day but today I'm backk
This is the first thing that comes in my head so this are some romantic film that i love.

Step Up (2006)

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In Baltimore, the troublemaker and street dancer Tyler Gage lives with his foster parents in a lower class neighborhood. His best friends are Mac Carter and his little brother Skinny Carter and they used to hang around together, going to parties and stealing cars. After being expelled from a party, the trio breaks in the Maryland School of Arts and commits vandalism, destroying the stage. Tyler is arrested and sentenced to 200 hours of community service in the school and Director Gordon assigns him to help the janitor cleaning the place. One afternoon, the ballet dancer Nora Clark sees Tyler dancing in the parking area and when her partner Andrew has a strain and Tyler offers to help her in the choreography, she accepts the offer; they rehearsal and become close to each other while Tyler becomes friend of the students Miles Darby and Lucy Avila. When Andrew returns, Tyler that is known for quitting everything he starts gives up dancing and leaves Nora alone. After an incident, Tyler has to decide to follow his dream or return to his life of rebel loser.

High school musical (all)

I think that I don't need to put the plot..

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Twilight saga

Twilight: Bella Swan moves from Phoenix, Arizona to live with her father in Forks, Washington to allow her mother to travel with her new husband, a minor league baseball player. After moving to Forks, Bella finds herself involuntarily drawn to a mysterious, handsome boy, Edward Cullen and eventually learns that he is a member of a vampire family which drinks animal blood rather than human blood. Edward and Bella fall in love, while James, a sadistic vampire from another coven, is drawn to hunt down Bella. Edward and the other Cullens defend Bella. She escapes to Phoenix, where she is tricked into confronting James, who tries to kill her. She is seriously wounded, but Edward rescues her and they return to Forks.

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New Moon:Edward and his family leave Forks because he believes he is endangering Bella's life. Bella goes into a depression until she develops a strong friendship with Jacob Black, who she discovers can shape-shift into a wolf. Jacob and the other wolves in his tribe must protect her from Victoria, a vampire seeking to avenge the death of her mate James. Due to a misunderstanding, Edward believes Bella is dead. Edward decides to commit suicide in Volterra, Italy, but is stopped by Bella, who is accompanied by Edward's sister, Alice. They meet with the Volturi, a powerful vampire coven, and are released only on the condition that Bella be turned into a vampire in the near future. Bella and Edward are reunited, and she and the Cullens return to Forks.
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Eclipse:Victoria has created an army of "newborn" vampires to battle the Cullen family and murder Bella for revenge. Meanwhile, Bella is compelled to choose between her relationship with Edward and her friendship with Jacob. Edward's vampire family and Jacob's werewolf pack join forces to successfully destroy Victoria and her vampire army. In the end, Bella chooses Edward's love over Jacob's friendship and agrees to marry Edward.
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Breaking dawn:Bella and Edward are married, but their honeymoon is cut short when Bella discovers that she is pregnant. Her pregnancy progresses rapidly, severely weakening her. She nearly dies giving birth to her and Edward's half-vampire-half-human daughter, Renesmee. Edward injects Bella with his venom to save her life and turns her into a vampire. A vampire from another coven sees Renesmee and mistakes her for an "immortal child". She informs the Volturi, as the existence of such beings violates vampire law. The Cullens gather vampire witnesses who can verify that Renesmee is not an immortal child. After an intense confrontation, the Cullens and their witnesses convince the Volturi that the child poses no danger to vampires or their secret, and they are left in peace by the Volturi.

Another cinderella story

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Another Cinderella Story tells the tale of Mary Santiago, an aspiring, talented dancer living in Cinderella Circumstances under her adopted mother, the wealthy, influential Dominique Blatt and her two daughters, Bree and Britt. Mary doesn't think that her life can get any worse: the only thing making it better is her best friend Tami, who is the one who tells her about the new celebrity in town, Joey Parker.Joey is a famous, "young" dancer/singer who comes back to Los Angeles with his best friend Dustin to remember why he started dancing - but all he can find is his ex-girlfriend Natalia, who seems determined to get back together with him.At a masked black-and-white ball Dominique, Bree, and Britt try their best to keep Mary out of, Joey dances anonymously with Mary, and is left exhilarated even after she leaves to meet her midnight curfew. Determined to find her, he takes the Zune she leaves behind and sets out to find her.Next day, Joey sent an announcement in the school that whoever tell the top 4 songs in the Zune will be the mystery girl he is finding.Mary avoids Joey so that he will not know that she is the mystery girl.Her stepsisters somehow knew that she is the mystery girl Joey is looking so they warned Mary that if she tell that she is the mystery girl,they will show in public her video when she was a child that is dancing and cheering Joey.Mary tries to tell Joey on Bree and Britt’s 16th birthday party.It’s too late when the two stepsisters show the video and the people saw it.Mary walk out and Joey followed her.Mary play the cd player and dance together with Joey.He now know that Mary is the mystery girl.They go out together and developed a deep relationship.When her two stepsisters knew that there is a relationship building up with the two, they set Mary up by sending fake roses from JP to Natalie.Mary thinks that they are back together.She ran away and finds out that she didn’t get her audition even though Dominique wrote a fake rejection letter about her broken legs.Dustin convinced Tami to get Mary to the competition so that she can compete and Joey and make it up to her.They went there and Mary won the competition.

The longest ride

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The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man, as he reflects back on a past love.

Tre metri sopra al cielo

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Babi, 18y/o, student model, perfect daughter, but above all romantic girl waiting for the blue prince. It spends her time between the school and the friends, always together with Pallina(her bf). Step, 19y/o, it spends his days with a group of hooligans. He has gone of house because, it looks like it is a violent type. With his friend Pollo frequents the runs of motion clandestine and amuses adinvadere the houses of its rich contemporaries, stealing and turning all upside-down...The two meets by chance him, they quarrel and they fall in love him, within one year that will not only stay unforgettable for them, but for all those that surround them. Step and Babi live a tempestuous relationship, but also the most beautiful love story that a teen-ager can dream, among runs, adventurous escapes in motion, transgressions and quarrels.

With love, Annalisa♡