The truth
I know the truth
I asked him because obviously,
he wasn't going to tell me.
The truth sucks
A lot
I don't think I will know someone worse than him in my entire life

How can someone be crazy about you and a morning, wake up and just realize he doesn't love you anymore??
I'm soo lost
Did it happen to one of you?
I need explanations,
how someone can do this! It just don't proceed in my brain...

In brief, I told him my feelings about what he told me two weeks ago :
"I'm sorry but I just realized I don't want to go further with you"
we don't talk and it hurts so bad because he didn't explain me why.
I spent my week in another world, listening to music non-stop, trying to know the truth...

So he replied that he was crazy about me but then, just like that he didn't loved me anymore... he said it wasn't fair to me to go out with him because he's an asshole (true).
But I already know that and I don't freaking care!
That's what we call "true love"
So, can you just be straight with me and tell me right in the eyes the real truth?
You don't want to be with me
You never wanted
You were a liar from the beginning
Please, I need to move on,
I don't need other lies...
I'm always faking
I used to be so happy, crazy, always smiling
But I'm not that girl anymore
I'm just suffering in silence
You changed me
My heart stops each time I see or hear your name,
My heart beats so fast each time I see or think of you,
I never want to woke up because I always want to see you in my dreams.

I'm drowning,
In my own tears.