"Describe your style."

I think I have many styles that I like to blend into one.

First, there's my punk element which must always be present. I have tattoos to help, but always try to wear some kind of skater shoe (vans preferably). I have two pairs of ripped jeans that are a little punk, and a little mom-style. In the right environment, I wear my band tees, but usually they're just a bedtime staple. But no matter the outfit, this always has to be present.

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Then there's my mom element. I dress very femininely, but with much modesty and practicality. Knit sweaters are my favorite top ever, and in mixed seasons, I go for cardigans. I usually have jeans (always high waisted), but I also really like dresses. Summer is jean shorts or sundresses, and winter can even have knit dresses. I accessorize with gold earrings and rings, and the occasional necklace. My favorite prints are florals and stripes. I don't like to show much skin, but sometimes I can get booby.

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Lastly is kind of a new thing- f*ck boi style. I recently got addicted to adidas pants. I'll wear a band tee or something similar on top. Birks and socks sometimes. Usually my Nike free runs though. In the summer, I switch to mesh champion shorts and even more band tees. It is a horrible mess that I don't even like to admit as part of my style, but unfortunately, it has overtaken me.

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A typical fall-winter outfit for me is jeans, vans or boots/booties, maroon or forest green top (either sweater or blouse and cardigan. even sometimes button ups but no flannels), and long gold earrings. Sometimes I do a knit dress with boots and earrings. I like big plaid scarves and knit scarves. Forest green, maroon, and grey are really my only colors.

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A typical spring-summer outfit is birks or vans (I used to do flip flops but I'm too classy for that now), ripped jeans or jean shorts, some sort of floral or striped blouse, and earrings. Button ups with the sleeves rolled up. A lot more pastels, but still always gray. As far as dresses go, I like unique pieces. A-line bodice and any sort of print work for me. I have a tribal and a floral, but I'd like to get more.

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Mu ultimate favorite outfit is my ripped jeans and denim jacket over literally any top ever with any shoes ever. My canadian tuxedo.

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