I have never had any role model or something similar in my life. I never let myself be influenciated by others, and that is why i have always focused on myself. However, in the past months i found myself aspiring to live the way some people do. I am not sure if this is what i am supposed to write about, but if i have to talk about someone that inspired me in one way or another, i think i know who to talk about.

Lee Hyo Ri (이효리).

She is a south korean singer, model and actress, born on the 10th of may of 1979. She started her carreer as one of the members of the popular group Fin.K.L, but a few years later she started her carreer as a soloist. In 2013, she got married to the musician Lee Sang Soon (이상순), and decided to live together in the wonderful island of Jeju (제주도), in the south.

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I got to know her thanks to another singer i admire a lot and that i mentioned in a previous post, IU (아이유). I saw she was going to start taking part of a TV program called Lee Hyori's Homestay, and i decided to watch it as it seemed like i would get to know about her in a more personal way.

However, i ended up falling more in love not only with her, but also with Lee Hyori. Despite being so famous and rich, she is always so humble, modest and natural. She doesn't care about the appearence, she is not afraid of sharing her thoughts and opinions and, in addition, i got to find out how kind she is when i heard that they had adopted all of the dogs they had, that are not less than 5.

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Another thing i loved about her is that she lives a really relaxed and simple life. Every morning she would wake up early, do yoga, think tea with her husband and do household chores. Seeing her daily life also made me fall in love with Jeju, that now has turned into one of the places i need to visit without fail when i go to Korea.

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After seeing this program and getting to know her, i decided i wanted to live like that: relaxed, happily, doing only healthy things for my body and mind, and appreciating every moment.

If you decide to watch the program, you will be able to see all of these things by yourself, and fall in love in the same way i did. But if you do, i need to give you an advice: prepare yourself a cup of tea, a good blanket, something to eat and then, you will be ready to relax and enjoy.