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Welcome to my article.This time i am writing 13 places to visit this summer.So yeah let's start

Summer will be here soon so it's time to make a list of places to visit.Below i have stated 13 beautiful places to make vacation memories that'll last a lifetime.

The Bahamas

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Definitely one of the most beautiful places


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A spontaneous getaway to blow off a little steam on a boat or in the club


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The perfect place for exploration


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A city that never sleeps

San Francisco

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A home to a little bit of everything


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One of the world's most romantic and inspiring cities


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Visit this city for an unforgettable adventure


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Discover this beautiful city

New York

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Discover one of the most popular cities in the world


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The city that has a great choice of stylish design hotels and hip hostels


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The perfect place to visit for summer.An unforgettable adventure

Bora Bora

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You will have an unforgettable summer by visiting Bora Bora


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A dream city

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