Hello everybody, and once again, happy Sunday! I've been recently noticing that my Art-based articles are sky-rocketing in hearts, in other words, I've noticed how much people enjoy them. Since I LOVE writing about Art and you guys love it too, I will continue to write about it (for the most part). Some of my other upcoming articles will consist of other topics such as music or TV, but I'm pretty sure that won't matter. ;)
Let's get started, shall we?

1. Eyes (human eyes)
I know what you may be thinking, "Why eyes?" or "What's so fascinating about wanting to draw eyes?" I enjoy drawing eyes in order for myself to strengthen my weaknesses within Realism. Eyes can be realistic or cartoonish, which is personally what I love when I go to create the foundation for my eyes. They also strengthen blending techniques, so if you lack in blending skills, this may be something you might want to consider drawing. I have personally found myself improving in my Realism and my blending skills each time I draw an eye. I have never drawn an animal eye, so that will be new and very thrilling for me to practice with.

2. Five Night's At Freddy's/FNAF (Animatronics/Fan Art)
I am VERY passionate about this topic, and just drawing the more complex animatronics is challenging, but it proves that an artist has the capability to try. I have posted a few of my FNAF drawings on here, if you are interested. If you're an artist who wants or needs a challenge, take a minute to search online for a FNAF animatronic, and try to draw it. It's so frustrating at first, but if you really apply an effort and utilize your time, the end result is definitely worth it.

3. Dreamcatchers
Drawing a dreamcatcher makes me feel very relaxed for some reason. That, and choosing a color theme and designing the "webbing" on the inside is the best part. I have created several different dreamcatchers using several different colors schemes, and it just amazes the eye when looking at it's finished design. Drawing and designing dreamcatchers has personally made a huge impact on my creativity level and my patience, and has also improved my blending skills.

4. Doodle Designs
"What do you mean by 'Doodle Designs'?" What I mean by that term is just little random designs that can be used to enhance specific pieces of art like a bullet journal or any notebook. I have something that I created using a notebook, which I call it my "Quote Book". I use this for when I find a quote on the internet that I like, I record it in my Quote Book and create a piece of art out of it using calligraphy and drawing. These designs can range from anything like a sun to even something as simple as a square with some cute little pattern inside of it. These, in my opinion, strengthen creativity within one's originality.

I know you were probably expecting a fifth idea, right? Well, these are just mainly the 4 ideas I have been in love with drawing recently, and I felt the need to share some with you. Now remember, these are not just all of the things I enjoy drawing, because let's face it, I would personally be a pretty boring artist if I just draw these 4 things all the time. I enjoy drawing SO MUCH things that this article wouldn't even end! Crazy, right? Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article, and I will see you in my next one. Bye! ;)