Summer is approaching and we all want to look good in our new swimsuits that we bought. Right?
So, it's time to move our body and exercise!
Whether you are going to fitness, yoga, aerobics or zumba classes, on individual training in the gym, or for a run, here's what you should wear:


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I think that tighter clothes is better for training because you can see in the mirror how muscles that you are working on are moving and it also gives your instructor idea of your posture and form. That's why I think leggings are the best. Just choose ones that are flexible enough and with an elastic waistband, of course.

Crop Top

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You can also wear basic cotton T-Shirt or a tank top, it depends what you're more comfortable in. I prefer sporty crop tops because I can see stomach muscles and I feel like there is less sweat.


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For some exercises you won't even need sneakers, but look for something you can run in.

Sweatshirt/ Jacket

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After you finish with your training you'll need to put on some light jacket or sweatshirt, because you're sweaty and don't wanna catch some cold.

Water Bottle

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We are all thirsty while exercising, so - bring water with you. If the bottle has some funny or motivational message - even better.


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You can bring with you smaller towel to wipe off the sweat occasionally.

Headband/ Wristband

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Well, this is really up to you. I, personally don't wear them, but some people need headband or wristband and they like to wear it.


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Music is essential to training.
You will need these if you're going for a run, or don't like music at the gym.

Bag/ Backpack

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Clothes to change, water, towel, phone, headphones, etc. - it all goes into sporty bag.

So, dear ladies, have fun and don't stress, because the main priority is to feel good; and remember: "Nothing happens until you move."


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