Hi guys! I'm back after a terrible Physics test but it's okay (not true lol).
I want to share with you some of my favourite songs.

Letter A

alone, lonely, and Lyrics image
Alone, Halsey

Letter B

Temporarily removed
Beside you, 5 seconds of summer

Letter C

company, justin bieber, and art image
Company, Justin Bieber

Letter D

panic! at the disco, P!ATD, and death of a bachelor image
Death of a bachelor, Panic! at the disco

Letter E

ed, lyric, and music image
End Game, Taylor Swift

Letter F

bad boy, black&white, and boy image
F.F.F., Bebe Rexha

Letter G

fashion, girl, and looks image
Good for you, Selena Gomez

Letter H

5sos, Lyrics, and 5 seconds of summer image
Heartbreak girl, 5 seconds of summer

Letter I

feelings, Lyrics, and poems image
IDGAF, Dua Lipa

Letter J

5sos, quotes, and 5 seconds of summer image
Jet Black Heart, 5 seconds of summer

Letter K

Mature image
Kiwi, Harry Styles

Letter L

one direction, Lyrics, and quotes image
Love you goodbye, One Direction

Letter M

Image removed
Moonlight, Ariana Grande

Letter N

Temporarily removed
No promises, Shawn Mendes

Letter O

Abusive image
Over Again, One Direction

Letter P

Image by sai Jeen
Permanent vacation, 5 seconds of summer

Letter R

mendes, roses, and shawn image
Roses, Shawn Mendes

Letter S

starboy, red, and the weeknd image
Starboy, The Weeknd

Letter T

Lyrics, tumblr, and wdw image
Trust Fund Baby, Why Don't We

Letter U

black and white, hate, and lyric image
Understand, Shawn Mendes

Letter V

drawing, fanart, and Lyrics image
Valentine, 5 seconds of summer

Letter W

Lyrics, roses, and want you back image
Want you back, 5sos

Letter Y

Temporarily removed
You & I, One Direction