Hello again!

I never thought I will be writing articles so often (two in a row? I’m dreaming) but here I am. I was inspired to do this after reading “Aesthetics of my Friends”, by @hermansydney. I found her article scrolling through the Articles page and I was instantly in love. Here I let the link to her article <3

Back to my friends… They are my life and I’m very happy to say that, altought we are very different, we love each other as family. You know that feeling when you could do anything for a person? Well, that feeling is my sign to know I love them. And, fortunately we share the same feelings about each other.

So here we are… Aesthetics of my friends.


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Martina is the most beautiful person that I know. She has blonde hair and lovely blue eyes. She also has a gray cat named Delilah. She loves the colour yellow and organization. She’s the one who is always for you.


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Julieta is the athletic one. And also the one who does the most variety of things: karate, swimming, theater… And she’s very good at everything! She also likes to travel and loves Harry Potter and a lot of other books. I know I can always count on her to do everything.


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She’s the nicest person that I know. Sometimes she’s shy and sometimes she’s very bright, like a sun ray. She love horses and babys (she wants to be a mother someday) and likes using stripes in her clothes. She also is in her iPhone like 24/7.


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Caro likes english things like London and Harry Potter but she also loves Disneyland and Disney related. She's the movie obsessed and her all-time favourite movie is Star Wars. I love her hair. Like a lot. Her hair is my kind of aesthetic, I swear.


art, yellow, and aesthetic image art, planet, and drawing image blue, chaos, and Greece image drugs, high, and insane image
Viki is chaos taking shape. Nothing else. She’s the most artistic person I know; she loves to draw, to design, to paint, to be art. She’s also one of those girls with hipster vibes, y’ know. But she doesn’t realize. She loves the sea so much.


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Ámbar is the beauty guru. She always dresses like a queen, her makeup is always on point and she’s always ahead of any gossip or any new show on Netflix. She is the most histrionic person that I’ve met and it’s impossible not to laugh sitting next to her.


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We always fight over everything. But I love her. She plays volleyball and likes to ride on her bike. Like all the time. And she likes sushi. She really likes sushi. And dyeing her hair. We know each other for over fifteen years now and I’d still love her like the first day.


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She’s insane. Rocío is the person you must see if you are feeling sad, she’s always happy and brings a smile on your face on a second. She’s very good at makeup and she likes everything Asia related, like China Town (the one in Argentina) and asian boys. And hot dogs. Like Marina, I know her since a very long time.

That's all for now!

Thank you for reading! It's always nice to talk about the people you love. I think they are perfect in their imperfections and that makes them more perfect. Does that have any sense? I hope so. I believe doing this article was a good exercise to think more about my friends and the beauty in them. You should try!

See ya!


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