You guys probably follow me for a long periode of time now and when you read my recent articles and saw the kind of pics I hearted you may feel very close to me, even we don´t know each other. But I love to read about the passion & character of other people and get to know them. So I decided to do the #thisismechallenge.

I tag everyone who read this!


Alps, bridge, and see image Image by Johanna restaurant, photography, and flowers image germany, soccer, and portugal image city, beautiful, and photography image adventure, berlin, and city image castle, germany, and landscape image explore image
I think my home country Germany is very underrated, it´s a country of diversity. We have 4 seasons (sth I loveee), in the north there is the Baltic & North sea, in the south we have moutains for winter sport. Our cars are nice too^^. We are the heart of Europe so it´s easy to travel to other countries:). We have beautiful nature, modern and old villages/ cities. German food is great, you guys definitly need to try it^^. And we are like quite good in sport (Football) hehe^^. And it makes me hella sad that no one has Germany in his/ her travel articles :(. And a little tipp: don´t just visit Berlin, bc it´s the capital (Berlin is cool, but not my fav!), you need to visit smaller villages f.e. in Bavaria with the beautiful nature or Hamburg is soo great. Ok I stop now haha. Next.


american horror story image beauty, blog, and blogger image and, myself, and i image quotes, neon, and light image quotes, gold, and heart image alternative, blue, and Drake image art, boy, and boys image sad image
Happy personality, sad Soul. But I´m ok, I promise haha. Maybe I´m quite funny too, idk. I don´t like school, the people, the fake hoes (sorry not sorry), the fuckboys. I love food, music, tv shows, books, we heart it & my bed. If you want to get to know my daily moods follow my collection. I´m not 24/7 sad, I swear.


fashion image dress, fashion, and red image fashion, style, and pink image gold, watch, and bracelet image style, outfit, and madison beer image girl, fashion, and style image fashion, outfit, and gucci image fashion, style, and outfit image
I don´t have one style. My style depends on my mood. So in School it´s more "chill" (jeans & sweater) and when I go out with my friends more like "sexy" (pants/ skirt & crop top) or "chic" (dress & coat). My fav "colors" are black, grey & white haha.

How do I look?

beautiful, green eyes, and hazel image girl, hair, and flowers image
girl, body, and fitness image girl, hair, and summer image girl, happy, and woman image Mature image
So Idk if I´m allowed to do this, but I add a new category to this challenge. I don´t want to post pics of me here, but I can describe myself so you can imagine how I look :) I have hazel - green eyes with black little dots in my left eye hehe. I have blonde long (as long as in pic 4) hair (it´s now darker on the top and goes lighter). My figure is kind of like the girl in picture 3, but she has a way more beautiful figure (goal hehe). And yes, I have stretch marks, bc I gain weight (ass & tight/hips) in the last months (healthy weight.), but I love that I´m more like "curvy" now hehe.


black and white, photo, and photography image fashion, footwear, and heels image fashion, red, and outfit image aesthetic, black, and chanel image lipstick, makeup, and nails image fashion, girl, and blue image
red, white, black, grey, baby blue, nude, gold are my fav

Movies & TV Shows

beautiful, harry potter, and the end image harry potter, emma watson, and rupert grint image
Harry Potter is my absolutly favourite!
(self publicity haha if you wanna see my fav tv shows read my article hehe)


harry potter and book image after, books, and hessa image
I read so much books in my life and I loved every single one of them. But these 2 book series are my love!


dope, fashion, and food image food and hamburger image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 food and pasta image food, healthy, and pasta image chocolate, food, and bar image
I love, love, love chocolate, kebab, burger, avocado, pizza and noodles. So I relized I These pics are mostly "unhealthy" food, but I also love fruits and drink water. And I just eat fresh self made pizza and burger. And kebab is also kind of healthy haha.


6, art, and Drake image 5sos image zayn malik, zayn, and boy image aesthetic, art, and frida kahlo image Image by Flor the weeknd, red, and fire image arthur, youtube, and 2k17 image linkin park, rip, and chester bennington image
OK so there are too much haha. I have a very different music taste. But I love Drake, 5SOS, Zayn (& 1D :( ), Sia, The Neighbourhood, The Weeknd, James Arthur & Linkin Park.


book, library, and vintage image book, coffee, and autumn image music and quotes image yassbaby netflixxx image
Reading, Writing (even I´m not very good at it haha), listen to Music, sleeping (even I´don´t sleep so much), Netflix & Food


I made a whole article & Collection about my Goals for this year. So go check it out hehe. Maybe I can inspire you.

So probs to you if you read the full article ^^. It took me so much time to write it haha fml.