I hate this kind of things, to be honest. I don't think i know myself to the fullest yet. There are so many things i do that keep surprising me and make me question myself sometimes...

Still, i will try to put in words and let you know the best i can not only good treats about my personality, but also the bad ones.

To start off, as i already mentioned in a previous post that i will leave down there, i am an introvert.

That means that i love having time for myself. Sometimes i don't even get out of my room in all day, and my roommates ask me to go to the living room with them. I usually only get out to go to the bathroom or to get some food lol. I have everything i need in my room.

I guess i could say that i am very independent, sometimes way too much, and this accentuated even more after starting living alone. I call my family significantly less than before, and to be honest, i don't feel the need to do it either. This can be kind of damaging too, as when i am in a relationship i can get mad when i don't get some time for myself.

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I never go out without my headphones. At the moment i have none since they broke the other day, so i am really suffering lol but i am also very thrifty, so i don't really want to waste money buying a new ones. Actually, my roommate gave me the ones i used before. I don't really mind about brands and material stuff.

I get really anxious just by the thought of speaking in front of many people. It doesn't matter if i already know them, we are close and i am aware that they will not judge me, my hands will start shaking and sweating, as well as my voice. Sometimes i even get tics on my eyes or mouth. I just can't avoid it.

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I am generally a nervous person. I always seem to worry about something, even when i don't have many reason. Also i have always bitten my nails since i was a kid. Fortunately, i don't do it anymore. Instead, now i bite my lips lol but i have always loved chapstick so they don't usually look bad.

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I am very honest, or at least i try to be. I can't stand people who, apart from lying, will not tell you the reason why they're mad at you, for example. I have been stressed because of this these days, as my roommate will not talk to me sometimes and i have no idea of the reason. She may not even be mad at me but she makes me question myself, and it frustrates me.

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I am a very clean and neat person. Yeah, sometimes i am a mess, as everyone, but generally i can't bear seeing common spaces at home dirty. My room can be a messy some days, but i tend to organize everything at the moment. Everything needs to be at its place. Some people say i have OCD lol.

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I tend to be really loyal. But at the moment you prove me that you don't deserve it, i will not doubt at making a clean break before you can hurt me. Also i don't usually feel bad after that so, it may make me look as a insensitive person but, i am not sure if i am capable of denying it.

However, in contrast with that, sometimes i find myself feeling emotional about so many small things, suddenly i get sad for no reason after watching a certain scene, photograph or music video. Sometimes I can even tear up. I don't even cry with sad movies. I don't know how to explain it, honestly.

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Another of my bad treats is that i tend to get upset soooo easily. I have always been aware of it but i can't do anything to avoid it. Because of this, i get angry a lot with my mum when she doesn't listen to me and then she doesn't remember something important i said. Or when my roommate talks to me in a bad way, even when i know that she is normally like that or she may even be joking. I end up not sying anything and getting mad only with myself because i don't want to sound like a kid.

I am very lazy, I need to admit it. However, when i decide to do something i always focus on it until i solve it in the best way. With this i mean that i don't finish something until i am very sure i did it in the way i wanted to. It needs to fulfill my expectations. I think i can say i am a perfectionist.

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