So I decided to do the 30 day #whichallenge by @TypicalGirl48 I've seen it a lot on we Heart it and so I wanted to do it myself and see if I could do it everyday
Also I wanted to try to writing article, if you like it I will write more about other things...


  • My name is Sofie
  • I'm 17 years old/ young , whatever ;)
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  • I may be addicted to Netflix , I just love to watch series and movies
  • My favorite series at the moment is The 100, Riverdale and 2 broke girls
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  • I've never had anything like a serious relationship in my life
  • I still go to school and I'm in 11 grade
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  • I eat my nails ( I know its a bad habit but I work on it sooo)
  • My favorite place in the World is the beach
  • I'm half Ukraine
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  • I hate sport, I'm just so unsupportive it's incredible
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  • My favorite color is Black (and mostly all other dark colored)
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  • I live in a really small village in the middle of nowhere
  • I never really felt accepted to the world
  • I'm really shy
  • I'm very insecure about myself
  • I love snow (I hate the cold but when its dark outside and the iteetlamps shine and you see the withe glittering snow , it's beautiful )
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  • My passion is singing
  • I can play guitar
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  • My favorite youtuber is Jake Mitchell
  • My favorite Movie is Twilight
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