Hey guys, so I thought Id write an article all about self improvement and how to get out of toxic mindsets and make your life more positive and productive rather than negative.


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when you see a girl or guy who's prettier than you, smarter, funnier , more talented etc DON'T look at them and think:
" wow shes so perfect , I'm ugly I look like trash compared to her"
" This persons so smart , I'm so dumb... I should just stop trying, I'll never be as smart as them" etc
all of these thoughts are literally poison and none of this is true , you're just convincing yourself it is.

Instead Get inspiration from them! If your jealous of someones style or beauty get inspired , their outfit can inspire you to create your own one that is inspired from that , if you think they have better hair than you make friends and genuinely complement them and even ask how that girl did her hair , what products she uses etc.

If someones better at a sport than you or smarter or more talented at something, tell them complement them be nice! ask them for tips and advice , get motivation and inspiration to one day be as good as they are !

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I used to walk around thinking that everyone else was better than me in every way, I treated everyone else as if they were royalty and treated myself like a peasant This is not true! Everyone is equal , just because someone has more likes or followers or money or whatever it is doesn't make them worth more than you who says it does?
That is just a lie we tell ourselves and A lie society has fed to us. They say " you're not ugly, society is" ... but all together we are society , if we change our mind set we can change society and the way the world
If someones popular at school , better looking,more successful etc that doesn't give them the right to mistreat you they are just a human! They are soul, skin and bone and so are you.

Everyone is unique and you were put on earth for a reason its not a mistake, you exist because you are meant to be here and you a worth something, you have a purpose we all do.

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Stop telling other people things like "oh I love singing but I suck. I sound like a dying cat"
" I wish I could be a doctor but I'm too stupid" " I wish I was creative" "You're so pretty I wish I was pretty, I'm so ugly" "oh Your so good at running , I suck compared to you "
The more you say these things the more you will start to believe them and the more of a reality they will become.

The best quote I read was " Talking bad about yourself doesn't make you a better person" its true! It doesn't help anyone, It just ends up hurting you!! so your actually bullying someone and that someone is yourself.

Another quote I like is "Don't push yourself down otherwise others will start to do it for you" If you don't respect yourself and treat yourself right how can you expect others to ??

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If you were bullied , outcast-ed , teased, hurt, embarrassed etc whether it was 5 years ago or an hour ago ... THAT IS YOUR PAST AND IT DOES NOT DEFINE YOU.
E.g Don't let the fact that you were always bullied at school ruin your confidence in college , Don't let the fact that you messed up in the past or what ever negative things have happened .. stay present.You don't have the power to change your past but you can change your present and your future. Work hard to achieve your goals and focus on that.

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Other peoples opinions are just that , opinions not facts.
What people think of you has everything to do with them and nothing to do with you , it is a reflection of them.
successful people/ people that have things going on in their lives don't waste their time hating on or bashing others down because they are too busy improving themselves and don't feel the need to hurt others to make them selves better... so as cheesy as it sounds your haters are only trying to pull you down because you are above them, so don't give them the satisfaction of wining by letting what they say get to you. Your haters are irrelevant, don't give them any attention... Who do they think they are ?? Beyonce? haha

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Friends or people that push you down or gossip about other people and aren't making you feel positive , motivated, encouraged etc. you gotta let them go and get new ones , I know its wayy easier said than done but you become what you surround yourself with so surround yourself with good vibes , genuine people who work hard and support others.

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The content you consume affects the way you see the world and how you view yourself. It can pressure you positively or negatively so choose your Tv shows , movies , music , magazines, YouTubers , who you follow etc wisely.

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I hope this helped you, even if it was just a little xx
Thank you for reading x

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