Hey guys ! How are you ? So I didn't do article for a while, because I was in Germany, and I think I'll do an article about that. Anyway ; here is my "if I was a..." Article, hope you'll like it ❁

↬ season

beach, ocean, and play image pink, surf, and summer image
summer 'cause we have 2 month of vacation in france and I see all my familiy. We also go to beach so that's why !

↬ moment

aesthetic, background, and blue image airplane, clouds, and flight image
the sunrise i don't know why i love it so much but yup !

↬ place

room, window, and bed image beautiful, bedroom, and lights image
a bedroom ; yeah i know it may be stupid but i love my room : there are my books, my notebook, my entire life / if i could i would live in my bedroom.

↬ book

books, gryffindor, and harry potter image book, box, and gryffindor image
do i really need to explain ?

↬ animal

snake, black, and animal image snake, black, and animal image
because there are beautiful and most : you can be "friend" with and nothing will hapen, they'll protect you ; but if you're an enemy, sorry not sorry pray god to go to heaven man.

↬ song

movie, song, and 2017 image creativity, easel, and film image
"never enough" from the "greatest showman" just because she's so fucking beautiful

↬ fictional character

harry potter and molly weasley image badass, draco malfoy, and funny image
molly because she's kind and she loves everyone but once she gets mad, pray god yet.

↬ disney princess

Temporarily removed Image removed
mulan because she's so strong i love her so muuchhh

↬ color

beauty, blue, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
blue all the way guys

↬ activity

books, coffee, and comfy image Image removed
reading love love love love

↬ movie

gif, star wars, and adam driver image
star wars ♥♥ (i already said harry potter)

↬ object

vintage, hands, and write image vintage, typewriter, and photography image
typewriter i love it so much ♥

So here it is ! See you soon ♥