Hey guys ! How are you ? So I didn't do article for a while, because I was in Germany, and I think I'll do an article about that. Anyway ; here is my "if I was a..." Article, hope you'll like it ❁

↬ season

beach, play, and sand image pink, surf, and summer image
summer 'cause we have 2 month of vacation in france and I see all my familiy. We also go to beach so that's why !

↬ moment

aesthetic, sunrise, and background image airplane, clouds, and flight image
the sunrise i don't know why i love it so much but yup !

↬ place

room, bed, and window image beautiful, bedroom, and lights image
a bedroom ; yeah i know it may be stupid but i love my room : there are my books, my notebook, my entire life / if i could i would live in my bedroom.

↬ book

books, gryffindor, and harry potter image book and harry potter image
do i really need to explain ?

↬ animal

snake, black, and grunge image snake, black, and animal image
because there are beautiful and most : you can be "friend" with and nothing will hapen, they'll protect you ; but if you're an enemy, sorry not sorry pray god to go to heaven man.

↬ song

movie, song, and the greatest showman image creativity, easel, and film image
"never enough" from the "greatest showman" just because she's so fucking beautiful

↬ fictional character

harry potter and molly weasley image badass, ginny weasley, and hermione granger image
molly because she's kind and she loves everyone but once she gets mad, pray god yet.

↬ disney princess

mulan (sverige) image mulan and disney image
mulan because she's so strong i love her so muuchhh

↬ color

beauty, blue, and model image blue, crystal, and nails image
blue all the way guys

↬ activity

books, coffee, and comfy image Image by N a d i a
reading love love love love

↬ movie

gif, star wars, and adam driver image
star wars ♥♥ (i already said harry potter)

↬ object

vintage, hands, and write image vintage, typewriter, and old image
typewriter i love it so much ♥

So here it is ! See you soon ♥