Hey guys♥ today I'm sharing some series with you I love and you need to watch
1. The end of the f**cking world
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its about a boy who plans on murdering a girl but instead they run away together and somehow fall in love
2. Skam
feminism, skam, and quotes image skam, chris, and eva image skam image chris, quotes, and eva mohn image
a norwegian series about friendship, love, religion, sexuality and so much more ( you can watch it on tumblr)
3. Stranger things
stranger things, netflix, and series image stranger things, netflix, and quotes image eleven, stranger things, and mileven image crazy, Nancy, and show image
a show playing in the 80s which you probably have already heard of but its truly amazing. Its a pefect mix of horror and sciene fiction but also about friendship and love
4. Between
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this show deserves so much more recognition. Its about a city which is put under quarantine because of a mysterious disease. Everyone over the age of 21 dies and only a few are left who try to escape from the city
5. Riverdale
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milkshakes, highschool, love& frienship, a murdere, twins and and drama... Welcome to Riverdale
ok thats it for today hope you liked it and found a new show/series you will fall in love with byee♥