Yeay!! Finally the day i been waiting for!!! I already know which places i've been dying to go and really hoping one day i get to..

1) Norway

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Gosh, if i have the money and time you will never see me (for few week). Just look at that. isn't it beautiful? the northern lights is something that i will see! I promise that to myself.

2) New York

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The way Barney Stinson describe New York like its the best city in the world of course made me want to go there someday. FRIENDS also was a big influences to me that drives me to visit there. City that never sleep and city that bring me happiness from my tv.

3) Greece

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Guilty, I already decided which my honeymoon place will be at. Greece baby!!! Please look at that!! Hello how neat is that?! How romantic it's gonna be!! *Literally screaming while typing this. Husband please take a note. *Hoping both of us gonna be rich someday so we can afford this holiday.

4) Christmas Island

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I really want to witness the crab migration. It's a beautiful phenomena. How the local people respect and managed the migration is beyond me. I really want to see this! I know someone of you might be a little gross looking at the second pic even i got the tingling feels.

5) Russia

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I'm not a big fan of architecture stuff but buildings in Russia is really something. It's unique it's beautiful It's Russia. My father been there and i looked at his photo and his story and i knew it right then, I have to go there!