March 7 ,2018 Her Birthday.

A month before her birthday she told me that she was scared that everyone will forget about her birthday which was impossible cause she was popular.
So my broke ass was saving up for her birthday to make it her best day .

white, balloons, and birthday image

I prepared gifts and everything I suprised her at school with a huge gift bag and told her a happy birthday and there was a note in the gift bag that I told her not to read yet.

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So after school me and her planed to go to our favorite place ever and eat . Oh and btw no one forgot her birthday only Patricia :)) And her and Patricia walk everyday at school sit everywhere together and doing everything together so moving on.

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When we were out eating I told her she can read the note and it was a long paragraph how much he means to me and she is my best friend and that I love her so much and that he deserves so much more. She almost cried thanked me and all but the next day of course she still talked to me but she still walked everywhere with Patricia and stuff maybe i am just jealous and stuff but when she is with me she says oh I wish Patricia was here right now and I just dont know what to say to her.....

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