Hello everybody ! Today I decided to present you a movie, it's about The Notebook.

The French title is N'oublie jamais and for Québequois it's Les pages de notre amour.

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This is an American romantic film directed by Nick Cassavetes and released in 2004. This is an adaptation of the best-selling American writer Nicholas Sparks, The Pages of Our Love.

Here is a summary of the story :
Shortly before the Second World War, two young people, Noah Calhoun and Allie Hamilton, met and lived a passionate love during a summer. Unfortunately, coming from very different backgrounds, fate separates them. After many years, while Allie is about to get married to another, her path crosses Noah's again, and, after many difficulties, they decide that they can not live without one. other. They marry and start a family, but Allie, who is affected by Alzheimer's, is placed in a retirement home. Noah, who refuses to leave her, and in order to revive her memory, tirelessly tells her the story they have lived and recorded in her diary.

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The main actors are :

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Ryan Gosling as Noah Calhoun
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Rachel McAdams as Allison Hamilton
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James Garner as Noah Calhoun aged
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Gena Rowlands dans le rôle d'Allison Calhoun âgée

It's really a very beautiful film, a very beautiful story. This movie made me cry more than Titanic. It has become one of my favorite movies ! ♡

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If you like love stories I highly recommend this movie, it will not displease you ! The story is so touching, the film is really well done.

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Look a little this accomplice look, lovers they have ... The actors have interpreted very well these characters ! ❤︎

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Here are my favorite french quotes from the movie :

"Le plus bel amour est celui qui éveil l'âme, et nous fait nous surpasser. Celui qui enflamme notre coeur et apaise nos esprit. C'est ce que tu m'as apporté." Noah
"Ils n'étaient pas toujours d'accord, en fait ils n'étaient jamais d'accord sur rien, ils se bagarraient tout le temps et ils se testaient mutuellement mais en dépit de leurs différences ils avaient une chose très importante en commun ils étaient fous l'un de l'autre..." Noah
"- Oui tu es un oiseau. - Toi aussi t’es un oiseau. - Si tu en es un, j’en suis un moi aussi." Allie & Noah
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That's the end. I hope you enjoyed this article and made you want to watch this movie !
♥︎ See you ♥︎