After recently breaking up with my boyfriend I'm going through a very rough time....but I have to admit that I have learnt so much about myself the last week and recognized so many things about my life (not all of them where pleasant ones).
I'm so done with feeling depressed and hopeless, not knowing how to manage prospective times that I really want nothing more than just being happy and feeling good with myself again.
One of the biggest things I noticed was that I am scared of being alone. The last week I tried to meet up as much as possible with my friends, joined two sports clubs, signed in at some extra courses at university - everything in order to avoid the risk of sitting alone in my room feeling depressed and lonely again. But sometimes I even felt lonely WHILE being surrounded by people. And that really startled me. So I realized that feeling lonely doesn't necessarily come from being not with friends or people I know.
I simply had unlearned being just satisfied and happy with my inner self.
This is the biggest point I want to work on from now on. Realizing that nothing and no one else can make me as happy as I can. That loving and accepting myself for who I am is the first step to leading a happy and contend life.