T O X I C F R I E N D S.

Yesterday I came back from my school trip in Florence and realise it has been such a bad trip and experience. I loved the city but the whole journey has been ruined by this friend of mine, who’s one of my closest friend if you can say that, that didn’t stop complaining for a sec in the period of three days.

She kept talking behind everyone’s back, complaining about everything and everyone, she didn’t smile once and pretended she was that perfect person that she’s far from being.

I had to endure her bad mood and her negativity for all the trip, everywhere we went, and when i please asked if she could stop complaining she didn’t let a second pass and started to attack me saying that she was annoyed about how much anxious I was, trying to make ME feel like I was on the wrong side, and started talk bad about me IN FRONT OF ME with our other friend.

If you’re reading this, which I doubt because you’re too superior and majestic to be on a social like this like us ‘stupid people’, just know that you ruined my trip, my happiness and you’re ruining my whole life. I’m anxious I know, i have a severe form of anxiety and social anxiety and thanks to you it’s only getting worse, but i’m trying to be a better person, i’m working on me and i go to sleep every night knowing that i’m a good person while you’re pretending to be one.

I don’t have the courage, right now, to get away from you, but one day I will, i’ll love myself enough to get away from you for real, and you’ll see everything you were planning to do with me in the future fade away in the way you deserve.

I can remain alone, you can take your little mindless friends with you, but I’ll be finally happy and finally able to make my own choices without the fear of being judjed by the one who should be my first supporter.

Everyone will slowly avoid you and you’ll remain alone, thinking that you're wrong, and you’ll feel everything that you made me feel in those three years.

I can’t wait till the day i’ll say goodbye to you, showing you how I, a simple stupid person, do not depend on you and that the world doesn’t revolve around you.

Thanks to you, who read this whole thing, and avoid everyone who’s making you feel like shit. They don’t have the power on you and their words does not define you.

I know they’re saying that your the only one who understands them and the only one that they can stand, but is not true. How their talking on everyone’s back, they’re doing the same with you.

Don’t give them the power of ruining everything and everyone you like, you’re better than this and you’ll show them what they missed in all this years.

Surround yourself with positivity and don’t let ANYONE tell you that you’re not special.❤️