These are 5 bands/artists that I feel are being slept on.

Image by Pau
#1: Riot Child
the neighbourhood and jesse rutherford image
#2: The Neighbourhood : Most people only know them for "Sweater Weather", however they have other amazing songs, such as "Prey" and "You Get Me So High".
van, greta, and fleet image
#3: Greta Van Fleet
olivia o'brien and olivia obrien image
#4: Olivia O' brien : Most just know her for "i hate you, i love you", yet she has many other great songs,like "Root Beer Float" and Beg(acoustic) with Jack and Jack.
lauv image
#5: Lauv

Here are some recommended songs by these artists:
Riot Child:Dogs of War
The Neighbourhood: Prey
Greta Van Fleet: Highway Tune
Olivia O'brien: Root Beer Float
Lauv: A Different Way
Hope you enjoy these songs and the artists!!!