Soo you might think so what is the problem with that girl that I even can call her my friend? Well she isnt exactly a problem but Petricia and my so called one of the bestest friend have like a squad with my two classmates .

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So me and that girl at this point are very close. She helped me to loose weight although she didn't need to loose weight but she eated healthy , exercised and motivated me , talked about our insecurities and boys and our hardest moments in life that we didnt share that with anyone just us.

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She is a truly friend that I don't deserve, but the squad and her always hangout and stuff . Yesterday we and her was going to hangout at a concert that was free and she texted me that she is going with the squad to the concert and I could join in if I wanted , but I surely didn't want to be with them cause one of the squad guys talks behind my back calls me fat and stuff so I didn't want to see him.

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