Hey hearters!!!!!!!
I know, I know.. I didn't post anything on Friday. I'm sorry but I got really caught up with my classes and didn't have any ideas.
But something happened last weekend that really got to me, and I decided to post it here. I promise that a new writing article is coming soon though:)

Well, last weekend I was babysitting my little cousin who is ten years old and she invited me into her room to play video games with her.
She scrolled through her games and passed one that I wanted her to show me. She looked at me and said that she'd show it to me, but that I wasn't allowed to tell anyone that she played the game. What is this mysterious game, you wonder? It was a game about dragons.
Confused, I asked her what the problem with the game was, and that is when she told me something that made me really think: " Because it's a boy's game".
She then went on to say that if the girls in her school found out that she played this game, she would be ridiculed and kicked out of her group of friends.
This filled me with anger, and I began to question our society. Yes, as a world we have developed in many ways, we are still very far from where we should be. Children should not be told what to play with. Girls can play with trucks and boys can play with dolls. We should teach our children that they can play with anything that they want, and that they will not be viewed any differently for their choices.

That's it from me. Thank you for reading, and feel free to send me a postcard to tell me what you think.
Love ya!