"write about two memories"

I have been blessed or cursed with a photographic memory... means that without my consent my mind naturally freezes a moment in time and makes me remember every single detail of that precise present like for exemple my first steps. i remember narrating them to my mom as i grew up and her astonishment of how precisely i described the location and event when she never told me about it for i never asked just because somehow i already knew. at some point i just considered asking her if it was just me imagining the whole thing or the thing actually did happen like that.
well in the end, it proved out to be true.

i remember my two little baby legs making their way clumsily one in front of the other with great precaution of not crossing each other. for i fell before and knew i must not fall this time. I remember my tiny little right hand against the corridor's wall bringing me support so that i could stand up straight. i remember my mom right behind me, busy doing some stuff in the kitchen. she left me in the corridor that was only like 50cm away from her but still in her vision axe. I think she was washing the dishes for i don't remember any sound of cooking or something. She left me crawling like this was my locomotive mean of movement. But as soon as i got myself on my two feet, i started walking. I didn't bow down or lost equilibrium for i was really relying all my body's strength on that white wall. and i started walking. step by step. feeling more and more confident. when i was now away from my mother's field of vision who expected me to be on all fours, i heard her rushing in and calling out my name. as she discovered me a little further making my way, she stood right behind me as if to reassure me that she was just another's corridor wall. and watched me while encouraging me happily. her voice cracked with joy and she turned me other. i took further step now with my own support. that was it.

further on, she took me in her arms and had the first reflex of calling her mom who lives in another country to tell her what happened. and i was just here with my little baby face not realizing that my mind had just recorded the whole thing for i don't know how long & precise.

- without even paying attention to it i just listed my oldest memory. So i find it normal to list out my most recent memory, and by recent i don't mean what's happening right now which is basically me writing this. I'll list out the most clearly saved memory inside my brain which dates two days ago.

Me and 2 university friends of mine were to participate in a water saving video competition organised by our local water board plus it was of tertiary level so it was a great opportunity to prouve our creative skills. The fact is that we gave up before even starting it. We had a lot of free time to get it done before the time line but huh procastination... so here we were on the eve of the dead line, still arguing about the script. I had an idea, that instead of just producing the same old patterned video of " look how you are wasting water v/s look how you can avoid it " or just some sad sad pic of people dying of thirst in random countries, we could instead introduce a fish! yes a god damn fish. This idea did not looked great to one of my friend while the other one was busy writing his one script in a more futuristic way i.e. water scaricity in 2025. But we lacked time and we had this fish looking at us arguing and probably thinking " what have i done to be stucked in a fish tank in the middle of a garden for so long? ". Well just to give you a few idea of what the fish's role is in my whole water saving story; it would portray how each time water was wasted, his life was getting more and more in danger my means of decreasing the water level in it's fish tank (don't worry animal care units and all, not to a point of risking it's life... just making it suffocate a little bit). I wanted to create somehow an emotional stress to the audience so that they'd feel like "this is not okay, we must do something". But the truth is, i was being to much me i.e. negative. and tboth of my friends we're not excited by the fact of showing the audience a dying fish. We argued for hours and it got up to a point where one of my friend who did not liked the fish idea at all, dropped the project. Because i would not abandonned my fishy idea. Poor fish was carried from fish tank to fish tank until finally the next morning i.e. the deadline day, my other friend rang me and asked me if i was still up to do something. And i was a little bit discouraged but we met and he showed me the footage we shot yesterday before we got into a whole crew crisis. It was pretty good and he said, maybe we should add something more than 3 min of fish swimming/struggling & water facts. And he proposed that instead of making this whole thing a drama, because tbh i'm such a dramaqueen or at least a dramatic writer, we could insert some positive facts like how the fish life is saved by actually doing something. He was right, stress the public first but then show them the way. It was 2pm and we had to submit our film a 3pm in the central water authority office that was 2 towns away from where we were shooting! And we were finalizing our last scene. At 2:30 pm the footages we're uploaded on our videomaker software and one by one we were pasting all thoses video together. I was busy typing the text and adjusting the music while he organised the video playing order and adjust their timing. We worked under so much pressure that we were sure we could never make it on time. We planned regardless of the time that it would cost us to drive up to the office. So my friend called the office manager and concluded that the video should be here before 4:oopm. we had enough time to edit the final version of it, and we were really satisfied about how we did it one a single day. In the end it was just a 2-3 min video but still we felt really relieved to do it, when we sweared to each other (each time a competition is on) that we'd never take part in another one again. We barely talked to each other apart to give orders or comments on what to do. My friend left the house in a hurry. It was 15mins to 4:00pm and he was still at my place. So the video was still exporting on his laptop and i walked him to his car. He opened the door while i was holding the laptop with the exporting video. I placed it in the passenger car in a way that he could drive and have a look at it. The loading % was only 25% and he was now starting the car. Without even saying bye to each other, he shut the door and i watched him drive at such a speed. It made be smile tbh, how in the end something that really wasn't meant to be in our mind, something that we'd already given up on was on it's way to an office and now taking place in a competition. How in the end this little fish wasn't disturb for nothing. In the end this feeling of satisfaction of having accomplished something is so deep that it makes you angry at that much procastination. But then diamonds are made under pressure aren't they? ;)
Then it started raining and i ran inside my house. And that's how much detailing i can remember. I don't know if this memory is gonna stick to my mind as much as y first path. I mean i could narrate much more details like our clothes color, the scenes we shot, the timing but i'd focus the whole thing on how much pressure was in here and my mind might had too so...
That's it for my most recent to my oldest clearest memories.