Before 4 years I meet my best friend . She was the best and the most adorable girl even though I hated her as a beginner. We started talking to each other but still not like a simple companion as tow people who have forced to speak . It was that day made us to stay together more than ever . Her dad died. He shot himself with a gun . Her mother's rumors were heard in the entire building . Every scream was stinging pain . I was bursting with many people , but I didn't find her . She was burdened with tears but above all by the loss of her angel . Dad was the reason why she lived for the sake of that she would continue to do it . It was already a week that her dad left her and she continue recognized a boy . Met Eneen . A long boy, with flamboyant look, a regular body very handsome . The first love of my best friend . Firstly , they talked with messages . When they had the first date my BFF felt like she was in the seventh heaven . Her eyes look like stars were thirsty about the moon . One day bite her dream in so many piece . A message came in his phone . A girl texted him . She was his girlfriend in the same time her name was the same my bff 's name. I could not pretend to see him break her again . I always told her that I don't like her boyfriend but she objected to me . She always spoke with the words :" If you love me , you must love him too, we are one now and we will always be together!!!!" When she realized that he was on cheating her with a other girl her hart was beating in many pieces . She felt lonely and thinking:" Why hurt her when she loved him with all heart?! Well sometime we love the wrong person , but this doesn't mean that we lost . No they lost! You just will find someone who is right and deserve your love!! . Now she believe when I always said her that FOREVER doesn't exist ! Now she is happy with her friends and family. There in the sky is always someone to protect her . Her angel the reason why she must continue live!!! LOVE YOU TEA !!!!