Yet another hard day to write because this topic make me wonder should i write i sad memories or happy memories? Am i ready to share to the world about my happy memories? Does the world ready for the sad one??

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When i was little back at my hometown, Penang Island. It became routine that every evening around 5-6pm. My cousin and i will open her kiddiepool and we will fill it with water and we will playing in it until sunset. Every grown up was jealous of us because Penang is really hot. Like though out the year it freaking hot. One day, while we were playing inside the pool, out of nowhere there's this duck came out from the drain. Like wth?? My hometown is in city and its really bizarre situation and my brother decided to catch it and let it swim inside the pool. I don't know why but that really a memories that i wanted to told.

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Our first date. After knowing each other for almost 2 years we decided to finally have our official date. I was so nervous and could not decide what to wear everything looked horrible. After i arrived at the place, he looked so good with his baseball hat, plain tshirt and black jean. I'm so nervous yet we were holding hands on the way back. It was so sweet. That night, I knew I'M IN LOVE