it's okay. trust me.

it's alright not to be alright. you are human; we all are and God gave us the right to feel, so don't be scared nor ashamed to.

we all have our bad days. we all go through tough situations so it's perfectly fine to cry or break down or go away and breathe. we all feel worthless or useless at some point of our lives but that's just the process of becoming someone better; the person we want and the feelings we want to develop and feel.

the most important thing though is, to not let it bring you down. do not let a bad day to ruin your whole life. bad days are there to encourage us to turn our life upside down and be happy and live and do all the things we want to do in order to transform our life in the life we want to live. a bad day shouldn't discourage you.

so, no! don't give your happiness away just because you broke up, or you got into a fight with your parents, or you got a new pimple. No! grow with it and grow away from it and learn from the pain and don't let yourself feel that way again.

after all there's one thing you should keep in mind:

its perfectly fine to feel sad and cry your heart out but try as hard as you can to not let it discourage you; let it encourage you to live a happier life.