Actually, I am not sure if it should be five things everyone should be grateful for or just me, but i will do it about me as the main purpose of writing this is to be able to express myself and for you to get to know me more so:

1 - Being part of a supportive family that never questioned any of my choices or tried to force me into doing anything i never wanted to.

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2 - Growing up in a family that would not instill my brother and i to discriminate against any kind of person.

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3 - Being healthy. Honestly i get ill like once every 3 or 4 years, and i am so grateful for that.

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4 - Having so hardworking parents that are willing to invest their money in my future in the way they are doing it. At the moment they are paying for my living expenses as i am studying in another city, and they are also going to pay for a really expensive plane ticket so i can study abroad this summer. I will make sure to repay all of this.

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5 - Having a good teacher that sacrifices herself for us to learn as much as possible and in the best way, so we can be prepared for when we work abroad in the future. She literally works so hard she barely gets any sleep, and tries her best finding job opportunities for us and organizing events that will help us improve our skills.

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