You think you’re worthless, you’re useless. Less. But the truth is, out there, and you just gotta believe it, someone out there loves you more than you love yourself. Just hang in there tight, my friend.

I’m rooting for you, your happiness, and your ways of making your dreams come true. I know that one day of me living becomes a day closer to me dying, and one day of people loving me is a day closer to them leaving me. But that’s life, it goes on. Whether you’re not ready for it, life goes on. From dark to light, sick to healthy, sad to happy.

Don’t ever let the weight of the world bring you down. Bring your motivation, your happiness, your innocence down. You have so much to live for, you dreams are just a hard work away. Just like an early morning sunrise, your life will be refreshing and beautiful, if you can just hang in there and give it all you have. You have worked hard, and you will work harder.

Fighting, my dear friend.