hello! I wasn't planning on writing this article but I decided I wanted to express myself about a life advice that literally changed my mind about some things.
So maybe it will help you too ♡

→ Everything happens for a reason

No, don't leave this article because you have seen this sentence everywhere and you think it's non-sense. Yes, i'm part of the people who think everything happens for a reason.
That's something you should remind yourself everyday. Think about what's happening in your life, happy or not, and think about why is it happening.

» whenever you're feeling bad that's because life wants to challenge you. It knows you're strong enough to handle the situation.
think about it; if you had no bad times, you wouldn't be prepared for your future life.

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» life chooses every person you meet, from your crush to this gorgeous girl you saw in the street earlier. They all bring you something. You'll meet the worst people in the world so you will understand you can't trust anybody.
The best people in the world will show you what is happiness.

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» but most importantly, life gave you a body and a brain because it knows you're worth it, other else, you wouldn't be alive.

"no rain, no flowers"
— Unknown

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you'll keep that in mind ☼

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