i love listening to music, and i love talking about it.

➟ poppy
i think her artist name used to be that poppy, or something, but i know her as poppy. i discovered poppy a while ago, you know from that "i'm poppy" video or something, the kinda creepy one. you've probably heard of it, unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years. a lot of people think poppy is creepy, but i actually really like her music, and that's that. there's not really much more to say.

recommended songs; lowlife, interweb.

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➟ allie x
gah, i love her so much! i only dicovered her a few months ago, but she's quickly grown to become one of my favorites! she's so unique, and there's just something about both her lyrics and voice that makes her so special. you should really give her music a listen.

recommended songs; simon says, that's so us, old habits die hard, too much to dream, liftet, downtown.

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➟ oh wonder
oh wonder's songs, they are not good. they are beautiful. and that's why i love them so much. i can't properly explain the feelings they give me, even though i really want to. you just have to listen for yourself, that's all i can say.

recommended songs; white blood, drive, ultralife.

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➟ bastille
i first heard of bastille in like 2013, when pompeii became popular, but i didn't really like it that much. now i think it's okay, but definitely not one of my favourites. they have other amazing songs, though!

recommended songs; laura palmer, laughter lines, icarus, haunt - demo, the draw, flaws.

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➟ the 1975
i thought the 1975 was pretty well-known, but then i checked their amount of monthly listeners on spotify, and i was proven wrong, i guess. like, what? the 1975 is like, the greatest band of all time. i love them so much, and i you will too. they're the kind of band who just can't write a bad song. they're amazing. their aesthetic is also fantastic, so there is that.

recommended songs; somebody else, she's american, if i believe you, loving someone, heart out, girls, m.o.n.e.y., undo.

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➟ arctic monkeys
they're british. that should be enough of an excuse to listen to these guys. they're great, something completely unique. give them a try, please.

recommended songs; i bet you look good on the dancefloor, i wanna be yours, no.1 party anthem, snap out of it, r u mine?, do i wanna know?

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➟ marina and the diamonds
like with the 1975, i thought marina was pretty well-known, but apparently not? she is clearly underrated, but she deserves so much more. her music is perfection, and i love it so much. like, you don't understand.

recommended songs; can't pin me down, froot, better than that, valley of the dolls, sex yeah, lonely hearts club, shampain, mowgli's road, hollywood, the outsider, numb.

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i don't know how to end this article. go listen to these artists, yeah?

my other articles are amazing as well, promise.