Travel. Just travel. It is that easy. That is all i want now.

I would save the money for going to Korea every summer and be able to improve my language skills and of course, enjoy the culture all i can.

Also i would love to buy my mum everything she needs and take her to many trips, anywhere she wants. She works so hard for our family and the future of her children that i feel so bad for not being able to repay her now. However, even if i don't win the lottery, i will make sure to make her happy and repay her in the future for everything she has done for me.

She has always been there to fight for my future, even when i couldn't. That's why i will study hard, so i can find a good job, gain a lot of money and make sure that her dreams also come true.

I will make sure to become a good daughter and make her proud of me.

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