Hey guys! today's article is going to be a bit different and I am kind of thinking of doing a school series so let me know if you want that, you can message me or heart this to at least 50 hearts and I'll do the series. Message me on what kind of school articles you want to see and I'll add it to my series. Anyways, today I'm going to be doing a whats in my school bag video.

♥ S I D E N O T E ♥

I do change my bags a lot but I mainly switch it between my Hershel Backpack and a huge handbag. Whichever bag it is I have all of these things in there, but some may vary due to the lessons I have on specific days. So I'm going to base my revision guides and textbooks for a typical Monday.

♥ B A G ♥

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I have the Black Hershel backpack with the gold zippers
Currently, I'm using my backpack as my handbag is gonna break due to the stuff I put in it. So if you are in school and don't know what type of bag to choose, id say go for a backpack if you have a lot of stuff to carry.

♥ E S S E N T I A L S ♥

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Lip Balm










Current Fiction Book

♥ R E V I S I O N - G U I D E S ♥

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English Literature


♥ N O T E B O O K S ♥

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My school gives us notebooks for each subject and some teachers tell us to take it home but most of the time we can leave it in the classroom.



English Folder


♥ P E N C I L C A S E S ♥

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This is going to sound weird but I have three pencil cases so I'm going to tell you guys whats in each one. I have three clear pencil cases as in a test we are not allowed one that hides the content of what's inside the pencil cases.

Clear Pencilcase 1

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Black Pens
Blue Pens
Maths Set
Green + Pink Pen
Scientific Calculator
Emergency Highlighters

Clear Pencilcase 2

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Stabilo Fine Tip Pens
Stabilo Thick Tip Pens
Crayola Supertips

Clear Pencilcase 3

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Stabilo Pastel Highlighters
Stabilo Normal Highlighters
BIC Fine Tip Highlighters

♥ L U N C H ♥

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I can't live without food and I can buy food from the canteen but I prefer to bring in my own as the school gives so little.


Oranges, Banana, Apple and Grapes.


I need water or else I'll go crazy.

I have this sometimes.

♥ P E R S O N A L ♥

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I need my journal as it has my inner thoughts and conflict written down and I need it so I can write down what's troubling me or what makes me happy.


I need to plan my day/week so I'm on track.

That's it for this article, I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to let me know if you want me to do a school series which would include my tips and tricks to survive school.

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