Ten years...that seems so far from now but, doesn't time pass by so fast? This year i will be 20 but i still feel like a 14 year-old girl. I have changed a lot but, i don't think people have noticed it much though. I don't think people have ever known me anyway.

When i am 29 years old, i see myself working abroad, with a little bit of luck (and money) i will be in Korea, working either as a translator or a teacher. I would stay in Korea in summer and come back to Spain in winter.

I would live in a small house, as i don't like unnecessarily big houses. Probably alone, although maybe by then i would already have a cat or two. I would wake up calmly and drink a cup or tea or coffee, and then work at home translating stuff. That is my dream now.

I want to live a peaceful life, having time for myself and not stressing over everything all the time. I sound so old already lmao. Still, i hope i have close friends with me, with whom i can also go out at night and enjoy dinners together and parties.

Is it too much to ask?