Whoosh!! Not so sure if I'm excited to be 20 or depressed that I am no longer a teenager.Anyway my broke ass is just going to list out a list of things I would love to have gotten myself/gotten from well wishers (lol)for my 20th birthday.Lets dive straight into fantasy world,shall we?

1.A birthday vacay .Just to unwind ,you feel me??Borabora,Zanzibar ,Watamu ,you know !?even Naivasha is a place hahahaha!

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2.I phone .Those around me already know how much I'm struggling with the current phone i have,It actually puts disgrace to the word phone.This girl here cant wait to get a new one,I'm saving for one but it looks like it will take forever!!Plus having expensive taste with empty pockets is such a bad thing!

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There goes my future baby!

3.Mac book.Whether Pro or Air whatever inch it comes in Baby girl i shall love you unconditionally.Honestly being a programmer with a slow laptop is the worst thing in the world.Plus id really like to try and practice some video editing skills.Just thinking about installing the app on the Lenovo i have sounds like a fail.So ,Jesus I proclaim this blessing!!

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4.A Camera><,honestly I'm not sure i can be termed as a photo maniac but ,who doesn't like seeing their twin looking good.There is this feeling when you have a good photo of you taken.One of the goals i have this year is to take a photo everyday.I honestly live for the memories in life.So how am i meant to accomplish this with a whack ass phone and no camera??Nikon d5300 im coming for you!!Plus guys how cute are this polaroid cameras im not sure if their called polaroid cams or instant film cameras.

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5.Makeup.Those of us who beat our faces or have a sister or a girlfriend who beats their face.If you ever peep at the receipts .My people you now how expensive this shit is.Being surprised with a pallette or set of lipstick or gloss or a Kylie Cosmetics package would foo shoo melt a heart.

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6.Shoes.This is one of the things i would pour money on.the other is bags and hair.Who wouldnt love some nike/addidas sneakers,or some fenty slides some heels from Simmi.We cant start listing them coz it wont end.

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7.Cute Handbag.Now im not trying to say i want to reach Kylies level (for now).But whether the bag is from Primak Mr price Chanel or Gucci.No girl wont appreciate an addition to the family.

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8.Spa date.I actually have never been to one and every time i google what to do on your birthday this pops up!So im thinking why not?.Get a mani and pedi ,massage that self love pampering.

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9.NO birthday goes without good food.A girl gotta eat you know!!So without further.Its not reallly on the list but we shouldnt forget it.

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This should have been the first one.In my own insight you cant really enjoy any of the above without good health.So im praying to God that this year and through eternity God grants me good health.Honestly thats all I can pray and fast for.

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So basically, I know to be happy in life,unless your working for something yourself ,you should lose the expectations.So imma work my ass out and pray to God,i don't come back with this list next time.Just incase you dont know what to get your friend you can get a few from the list