1 - Demian (Hermann Hesse).

I got to know this book thanks to BTS. I know it may sound like i read it just because they used it for their concept in some MV's, but the thing is i thought it sounded so interesting that one day, i decided to buy it. I have read it two or three times by now, and i would read it again anytime. Also i liked it so much that i even bought one copy for my friend's birthday.

I think i learned a lot from this book. It is about a young boy and his childhood growing up during pre-World War I. Throughout the novel, he struggles to find his new self-knowledge and i caught between what is right and what is wrong in this inmoral world.

Actually i wish i had read this novel earlier in my youth, as probably i wouldn't have been so harsh within myself and would have understood that i am not the onlly one that feels this way, just like the protagonist. With all of this said, i would recommend everyone to read this book, you won't regret it.

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2 - Siddhartha (Hermann Hesse).

At this point i realized i may be a little bit too biased towards Hermann Hesse. When i decided to choose this book as one of the three i want to recommend, i didn't even remember that he was the same author as Demian lol.

Anyway, one day my mother recommended me this book as i asked her to choose some from the ones we have at home, and she couldn't have made a better choice. I read this book while i was travelling by train, and the time passed by so fast, i didn't want to stop reading.

Siddhartha, our protagonist, grows up in a prosperous Brahman family. He’s spiritually dissatisfied, so he decides to join a group of wandering ascetics along with his best friend. He travels a lot in the search for knowledge, and not only he will learn a lot but also us, the readers, will be able to consider some questions and grow up together with Siddhartha.

I thought about so many things as i read this book. Actually, i got surprised at some certain point as i got to clarify some personal troubles i had at the moment. I think that if i hadn't read this book i would still have the same doubts and i wouldn't have been able to become who i am today. It really left a huge impact. I can't wait to read it again when i have some free time.

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3 - The Blind Sunflowers / Los Girasoles Ciegos (Alberto Méndez).

I would have never chose this as one of my favorite books, as the only time i have read it was in high school, when we had to read it as a part of the unversity entrance exam. However, i thought about books that have had an impact in me so i chose this one.

The author, Alberto Méndez, died only 11 months after his first and only book, this one, never knowing that it would make the Spanish bestseller lists for months on end, win several awards, and be adapted for the screen in 2008.

The novel honors untold and alternative histories of the Spanish Civil War. In contrast with other attempts to tell the story of this painful past, Blind Sunflowers is less a politicized denunciation than a denunciation of war and human suffering. It tells four distinct yet intertwining stories or "defeats" of four victims, both Republican and Nationalist.

I am not into history, at all, but when i read this novel i found myself so inmersed on it that i was surprised. The stories are so sad but real, that it hurt reading them. Still, i would love reading it again if i have the opportunity, and i recommend you to do it as well.

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Thank you for reading!