Hi peepz. How r u going? Well, I guess I did a great job in the last week, how about u?
Im going to set some workouts so I can keep going in my 2nd week.


I'll start my week with a leg workout again cuz I focus more on the legs and butt, and I need a few days interval so I can do leg workout 2x a week in a way I dont hurt myself.
Add weights if u want to increase the difficulty.

Image by iMun. ☾
~ Leg Day ~


Today I'm going to train abs and arms. Since I have my prom this thursday, I wont be able to workout on that day.
If u want to, u can do abs today and arms on thursday, do what's suitable for u.

Image by iMun. ☾ Image by iMun. ☾
~ Abs and Arms Day ~


Like I said before, Im going to be very busy this week. I have my prom on thursday and I wont sleep home. I will only sleep at 13pm (Friday), so I'll spend the whole day sleeping and wont be able to workout.
To finish my week, I'll do some cardio aka burn fat workout.

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~ Cardio ~

That's all for this week, I hope u like it and keep doing it with me.

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Have a great week, xoxo