once i wanted to love a boy
One day he came up to me and we just drove away and escaped the routine. For a few days we chilled by the sea and heard loud music in his car and just thought about nothing.

I remember losing him, because i realized i'm not the girl he wants and not the girl he neeeds.
At one point by the sea, i showed him a song, a song about a girl with wonderful eyes. A girl who is a memory in the head of a boy like a burned scar. I sang along and he told me he liked that song as well.

girl, eyes, and beautiful image
I thought if he would here that song he would think about my eyes.

Months later he told me about a girl he met years ago. A girl with some dramatically beautiful fuckin eyes. He told me he still remembers her, just because of her eyes which fascinated him so much that at the moment he saw her, he couldn't even look away.
He kept telling his story and how he met her again three years later and that he recognized her by her eyes. He walked up to her and talked to her for the first time. He knew every word she said three years before but she didn't even noticed him back there. She was grateful.

I loved that story, but a few days later we start fighting about stupid things and i noticed that when we heard that song by the sea, he just liked that song, because of the thought of that girl.

I liked him, but i wished they would meet one another and would fall in love one day.

girl, eyes, and black and white image
I don't even match with him. Still it hurts to know you're not that kind of girl for someone