Today is the 14th day of my 30 Days Writing Challenge and today's task is to write about what animal would I be. There are many breeds of tigers around the world, but those that fascinate me are white tigers. There is the answer to the question "If I was an animal what would I be?".

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White tigers are beautiful and due to their white fur they are extremely rare, unique and mythical. There are many misconceptions about the white tiger. Many people believe that white tigers are a subspecies of the tiger, but that is incorrect. In fact white tiger is a rare form of Bengal Tiger. When a recessive gene; a gene that tiger inherits from both of his parents; is present the fur becomes white. In other cases if only one parent has the recessive gene than the tiger is born with "normal" fur.

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Unfortunately, today ALL of the white tigers live in captivity which means that NONE of them live in the wild. The last tiger found in wild was in India in May 1950s.

The first records of white tiger goes back to AD 48-1000.

White tiger has lighter color then the common Bengal Tiger. Their coat is light cream and has grey and white stripes. When it comes to the face of white tiger the only difference between them and the common Bengal tiger is the color. The eyes of white tigers are absolutely magnificent. They have mesmerising sapphire blue, amber or green eyes. At birth and in adulthood they are bigger than the orange Bengal tiger. White tigers live from 10 to 20 years.

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White tiger lives at the same habitat as the orange tigers. Over the course of history tigers have lived at savannahs, mangroves, swamps, temperate, coniferous, tropical rain forests and rocky country. White tigers need to stay in areas that are covered and hidden with access to water.

The current population of this strong and powerful animal is only 200. All the white tigers live in zoos and sanctuaries.

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XOXO, Milena