First of all, I want to thank you for 200 followers. For me it´s crazy number because I didn´t expect this many people will like my articles or my profile in general. It motivates me to write about more interesting topics and I really enjoy doing this!
Okay, let´s jump into today´s article (:

This week was not good. It wasn´t good because of school. School is really exhausting and I am having a big struggle to handle it.
Okay, I learn, I get good grades, I survived for now. But what I realized? I realized that I don´t want to go to university and continue with school life. So I was thinking about my future and I finally know what I want it to look like.
(I can write another article about how I found what I want to do and how I am going to achieve it. Leave a 😱 if you want this article)

My house

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I want to live in Vienna, because i just simply love this city. My interior design will be brown and white wood.

My job

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Travel/fashion photographer and blogger.

My lifestyle

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Going to small coffee shops, enjoying city vibe, traveling

My style

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classy, minimalistic clothes

My personality

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happy, selflove, fearless, adventurous

hope you liked it
see you soon