hey guys, I'm writing about my favourite albums of all time that I listen to religiously!

❊ badlands- halsey
I've loved this album when came out and I still listen to and love it. halsey in general is one of my favourite artists and I liked hopeless fountain kingdom but badlands takes the lead for me
fave songs: new americana, castle, haunting, colors

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❊ blue neighbourhood- trope sivan
I was a massive fan of happy little pill when it was released, so I knew that I'd love blue neighbourhood when it came out in 2015. troye's style of music is very different and it gives me such good vibes whenever I listen to it

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❊ its not me, its you- lily allen
this album are out so so long ago and its seriously making me feel old because I grew up to this album! thats one of the reasons I love this album so much- because it makes me feel so nostalgic.
fave songs: everyones at it, not fair, chinese, the fear

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❊ ultraviolence- lana del rey
lana del rey is hands down one of my favourite artists but her album ultraviolence is my go-to album out of all of her albums! the songs on here are just so filled with emotion and I love every single one
fave songs: money power glory, black beauty, fucked my way up to the top

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❊ electra heart- marina and the diamonds
marina and the diamonds as an artist is quite similar to lana del rey but her music is more edgy and varying to that of lana del rey. I have loved prima donna for the longest time and it's my go to song if I need cheering up!
fave songs: homewrecker, primadonna, teen idle, how to be a heartbreaker

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froot is also one of my all time favourite songs

thanks for reading