I write this articel while sitting in Carl's Jr just across my campus when i stuck with my thesis. Lately i have been dreaming about leaving this city. I don't feel like i belong here. Actually its a big city. But with more than 10 million population. Its too much for me.

I remember John Green wrote in his books Paper Towns,- its not his quote tho, he got it from a young blogger he said- i really do in love with city i have never been to and people i have never met. Actually last year i went to Bangkok, because i always want to go there. i started to like Thailand and its capital city since i was in my senior highschool, watching "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with my classmates. i dont know why i just love Bangkok since then. I dont even know if the movie located in Bangkok or anywhere else.

And lately i just cant stop thingking about Bangkok. How i feel that city calling me. I dream about it everynight. I dream about it in detail. Walking in Siam Square after tired with my job. Just wondering and then in my dream i meet him. Someone that i saw in Instagram about several months ago.A cute boy that lately become my addiction. It feels like i am in Ari Lasso new Song called Dunia Maya.

I honestly, i feels like i am in love with him. I know where he is studying, and in what major. I know his birthday and i found that he is 2 years younger than me.

This is so weird, i mean, i can falling in love with anyone but a boy from Instagram that i have never met? I know i am weird. But i can not stop thinking about him. I can not stop wondering whats he like to do when he bored (probably playing games, probably FIFA) and whats his favorite food, or how he think about feminisme and LGBT. I am sure he has a great answear for this.

I also wonder about a girl that he likes. Or is he in relationship with someone? Girl or boy? What will he do after collage? Or Where he pray at friday or any random questions like would he prefer dusk or down, beach or mountain, or what house he got in Hogwarts? that kind of questions.

And the weirdest thing is i started missing him. I DONT EVEN MEET HIM YET. HOW? I dont know how this kind of thing work. If it is just admired or something like that maybe its normal. But he even can effect my mood. I am happy when he is happy, i feel sad when he is sad. And my stupid optimistic self started to bealive that i will meet him. Someday. I dream about him as much as i dream about living in Bangkok

This is so weird i feel like i can and i will do anything for him. And it feels like i already did.