Good day to you all, I have some exciting updates for you all!

So as you all know I'm in my final year of my A Levels with just a few weeks to go before I officially start and I've received (three) offers with one of them being an unconditional offer!! I'm pretty proud of myself and I am trying my best to get my dream grades. The grades range from AAB to BBC so yeah.

A little pick me up for you all, I legit failed my exams all the time but once I started putting more time to practice and work on myself I started doing better. The change literally starts from you. So if you have goals you want to reach put a bit more time and effort and I promise you, something great is in store is waiting for you at the end of the road.

This is short and I just wanted to fill you all on my situation :)

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As always my inbox is always open if you ever need to chat, want advice or just feel like saying something.
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