Medicine is my lawful wife, and literature is my mistress. When I get fed up with one, I spend the night with the other.

I've mentioned it in a couple or articles already, but for those who have not read them yet, here it is: I want to become a doctor.
It has been my dream since I was eight years old, and although it might have to do with the fact that my dad is a cardiologist, my choice in career has also been influenced by many TV shows I used to watch when I was younger or some that I started watching recently. Anyway, here's a list with every TV Show that inspired / inspires me to become a doctor.

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1. Bones

skull and theme image bones and emily deschanel image
I know this show isn't actually about the medicine I want to practice, but its still amazing.

2. House M.D

house and hugh laurie image cast, dr house, and hugh laurie image
I relate a lot with the main character of this show, not because he's an ass, but because we both have a limp and severe leg pain, so...

3. Criminal Minds

criminal minds and tv series image criminal minds, Reid, and show image
This show isn't about medicine either, but it helped me develop another part of my mind.

4. The doctors

doctor, hospital, and grey's anatomy image brain, cognition, and psychology image
This show is kind of a reality show where a bunch of doctors treat weird diseases.

5. The Knick

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Although this series is set in a victorian time, it's a really great representation of how medicine evolved during that time.

6. The Good Doctor

actor, norman bates, and bates motel image actor, norman bates, and bates motel image
This is my favourite show ever, I have never learned so much. It has drawings and very detailed explanations.

And basically that's it, if you want to become a doctor or you already are one, then I hope you'll check out these shows.
- Dahiandra