Five Outift Ideas for Spring

1. Cardigans
Where I live, it can still be pretty cold in spring, so cardigans are the perfect solution to just throw on when it's a bit too cold.

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2. Sweater dresses
This will look amazing in the spring, because you do not necessarily have to put anything over it, you can just show your sweater dress to the world. It's not only stylish, but really comfy, too!

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3. High-waisted jeans
These jeans will always be stylish to me no matter what. They are really comfy as well and you can pair it with basically anything. I believe it is a must for all seasons.

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4. Crop-tops
These can be paired with anything as well. Especially with your high-waisted jeans and a nice cardigan on top of it. It is the perfect spring outfit!

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Oversized jackets
These are just so comfy and a must for every season as well. You can pair it with almost everything and it will make you look messy but stylish

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Lots of love,