I am starting a challenge made by @dontbuymeflowers_
where for 14 days you write letters to different people and really get your feelings out. Pretty please check it out!

Day One.

To my best friend.
Thank you. Thank you so fucking much for your smiles, your kindness and for trusting me.
Thanks for accepting me into your life so quickly, for giving me a chance to be better.
You deserve so much more from the world but i don’t know how to fix that.
For that i’m sorry.
I don’t want to get involved in the things that out of my control but it’s frustrating when i can see what’s hurting you but can’t do a thing. You have done so much for me and yet i don’t have a clue on how to help you.
It’s not just me either, so many others have talked about your kindness and your natural ability to make things better. This makes me wonder, why pick me, why pick me as your best friend when so many other people adore you?
I don't think its something i’ll ever understand.
When we first started talking i felt something i hadn’t ever felt before, a kind of love that was way stronger than a romantic crush. You are worth more to me than any boy or relationship.
I know it sounds strange, and not everyone gets it, but you’re special to me even though i don’t want to date you.

But isn’t it strange how i can see the world in you yet feel like im disappointing to you.
How i feel so safe around you yet you make me feel so childish.

I can’t trust you to tell me when there’s something wrong, i can’t expect you to understand me. And it hurts.

Hopefully we can fix that, i want nothing but the best for you.