Hi guys! so today i'm going to share a few of my favorite games with you all! Enjoy!
The Last of Us

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The Last of Us offered plenty of emotions: anxiety, happiness, fear, sadness, etc. This game really knew how to put the player in the perspective of Joel. I felt like i was right there with him and Ellie, and i became attached to the characters.

Friday the 13th

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If you are like me a horror fan of Jason voorhees then you will absolutey love this game! True 13th fans must get this game as an homage to their nostalgia.

Grand Theft Auto 5

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One of the many reasons why i love this game is because it's at California! i love exploring in this game because it's so realistic to the state. This is MUST-HAVE for you Californians!

Thanks for reading! it means so much! XOXO